Drew Pomeranz Leaves First Spring Training Start with Left Forearm Tightness.

In his second spring training with the Red Sox,  Drew Pomeranz is once again having problems with his left arm, his money-maker. Going into the last season before he hits free agency, I’m sure Pomeranz would prefer to avoid any setbacks. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. The injury occurred in the middle of the first at bat of the second inning, on Pomeranz’s 17th pitch. All signs point to this being precautionary, as that is what Pomeranz said himself, but there’s still a reason to be concerned. Just last year, the 29-year-old hurler opened the season on the disabled list, and missed the first six games of the season before making his debut against the Orioles. As it turns out, last season was maybe the best of Pomeranz’s seven-year career, so maybe this is a sign of good things to come.

In the mean time, I would be shocked if the Red Sox go out and sign a free agent starter still on the market. Brian Johnson is probably the best candidate to fill in if Pomeranz does miss an extended period of time, and they still have Hector Velazquez and Roenis Elias after that. Not having Pomeranz on the Opening Day roster would mean that the Red Sox would be without 2/5 of their ideal starting rotation to start the season, that being Eduardo Rodriguez as the other pitcher. That’s not great, but it’s still early, Pomeranz could be fine, tomorrow will be a better indicator of that. On a less somber note, I’ll end this blog with the three home runs Andrew Benintendi and Sam Travis hit today in a 9-6 win over the Cardinals. Have a great weekend.

JD Martinez Is Offically a Member of the Boston #RedSox.

Official tweet:

Words cannot express how jubilant I was when I read this tweet from the Red Sox official account this morning. After weeks of waiting, I can finally stop writing about JD Martinez the free agent and can now turn to JD Martinez, masher of baseballs for the Boston Red Sox. If you missed the press conference, there was not much to take away, besides the medical stuff and why it took so long to get the signing done.

Martinez said everything you would expect him to say. About how, “bringing a championship back to Boston is the ultimate goal”, and how, “Play(ing) in front of fans who are just as passionate is exciting.”

The bottom line is, JD Martinez was brought here to mash baseballs, and there’s a good chance he’ll succeed in doing that with his new home ballpark being Fenway Park. He hit 45 home runs in only 119 games last year, so imagine the kind of numbers he can put up if he manages to play a full season.

Also, if this Hanley Ramirez quote doesn’t get you amped up, there’s something wrong with you.

JD Martinez Will Reportedly Be Introduced By the #RedSox Tomorrow.


After nearly a week of waiting, it looks like JD Martinez will finally be introduced to the media tomorrow at JetBlue. All this after nearly a week of waiting. By the time the press conference happens, we’re talking about just under a full week between the reported and official deal. I wrote on Friday about how odd this process has been. Given the injury history Martinez has, it’s understandable as to why things have moved so slowly. The Red Sox acted cautiously, gathering all the knowledge they need on what has affected the 30-year-old outfielder in the past. Since he joined the Detroit Tigers in 2014, the most games Martinez has played in a single season, excluding the postseason, is 158, which is a bit of an outlier because the second most games he has played in goes down to 123. In all honesty, I’m not expecting Martinez to play in more than 150 games with the Red Sox this season. Considering the fact he hit 45 home runs in only 119 games last season, I believe Martinez can still put up great numbers despite the number of missed games.

According to Jon Heyman, the terms of the contract will still be the same, $110 million over five years with multiple opt-outs. Can’t wait to put this behind us and see what JD Martinez can bring to the table for his new club. If I can catch it tomorrow, I should have a reaction post up sometime in the afternoon.

I Sincerely Hope the #RedSox Introudce JD Martinez Tomorrow.

This past Monday, news broke that the Red Sox had an agreement in place with JD Martinez on a five-year contract. Fast forward today, and nothing has been announced by the team yet. He reportedly had a physical on Wednesday, was expected to be introduced via press conference on Thursday, and things went sour from there. Here’s a timeline of tweets to clarify:



To create a spot on the 40-man.




Four days since the news broke and JD Martinez is still technically unsigned. I can’t begin to imagine what the reaction would be like here if this deal somehow fell through. I’m not worried too much about it at this moment, but I for sure will be if nothing happens tomorrow. It’s just weird that the announcement has taken this long. Martinez does have health issues, but you would figure the Red Sox were made aware of that before negotiating a contract with him. Also, trading OF Bryce Brentz to the Pittsburgh Pirates to open a roster spot would look really dumb if they knew Martinez came with some concerns. I’m hoping that I will wake up to the official announcement in the morning and will have something to write later in the afternoon, presumably after a press conference.

The #RedSox Play Live Baseball Today.

That’s right, we got LIVE TELEVISED RED SOX BASEBALL TODAY. A doubleheader against the Northeastern and Boston College baseball teams. 1:05 PM first pitch at JetBlue Park. Also, there’s a good chance JD Martinez is formally introduced today, judging by this Heyman tweet:

A lot of good things happening today. Baseball season is here. The Red Sox are legitimate World Series contenders. Let’s go.

JD Martinez and the #RedSox Have Reportedly Agreed to a Deal.

After a very long offseason, the Red Sox have finally got their guy. There were rumors, there was staring contests, there was a little drama, but at long last, JD Martinez found the team best fit for him with the Red Sox. The two sides reportedly came to terms on a five-year deal worth $110 million dollars this evening. As part of the deal, Martinez will have the option to opt out two seasons in after making $50 million. At 30 years old, it’s a bit strange that took a hitter with the abilities Martinez has to find a new home, but the Red Sox should be thrilled with the results. President of Baseball Ops. Dave Dombrowski had himself a strong offseason, and he capped it off by getting his guy for a reasonable price. Lest we forget, Dombrowski helped put Martinez on the map when both were employed by the Detroit Tigers. The $110 million dollar man was once but a fringe prospect with the Houston Astros to start his professional career, and was straight up released from the team in March of 2014. In that same month, the Tigers signed Martinez to a minor league deal and he made his big league debut for the club on April 21st. Since that day, the Miami native has transformed himself into one of the better hitters in baseball. In 520 games with both the Tigers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, Martinez has slashed .300/.362/.574 to go along with 128 home runs and has averaged 3.8 WAR per season.

Despite all the offensive struggles the Red Sox had as a team last season, they still finished tenth in runs scored. Adding Martinez to this lineup should only boost these numbers. Imagining Martinez in the same lineup as Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, and Rafael Devers has been something I had been doing recently, but now it’s going to be a reality. This was the best move the Red Sox could make to counter the Yankees acquiring Giancarlo Stanton. It took two months, but these teams are going to be closer in the standings than people think. Over at FanGraphs.com, they have the Red Sox projected to finish five games better than the Yankees in 2018, and that was before the Martinez signing. Unlike last season, the Red Sox and Yankees will play each other more later in the season, and there will be a three-game series at Fenway to close out the season. Those games are way down the road, but they are clearly going to be vital to the AL East crown.

Since the Red Sox need to make room on the 40-man roster, expect a corresponding roster move to be made in the coming days. As it currently stands, this Martinez contract puts the Red Sox roughly $2 million dollars above the luxury tax threshold of $237 million. If they want to stay under that number, which I’m 99% sure they do, something will have to be done to trim this year’s salary.


Per Jon Heyman, The #RedSox Are “Closing In” On a Deal for JD Martinez.



Animated GIF

FINALLY, something concrete! It’s just not speculation, folks, we have some legit news from the Boras Corp. spokesman himself, Mr. Jon Heyman. Both sides appear to be moving towards a deal, according to Heyman. Nothing has been finalized YET, but it looks like an agreement will be coming into fruition soon. The stare down between Dave Dombrowksi and Scott Boras lasted the entire offseason, and now it seems it is coming to a close. Just the other night, Eric Hosmer, a Boras client, inked an eight-year deal with the San Diego Padres worth approximately $144 million dollars. I pray this potential deal for JD Martinez does not look like that, hopefully we’re talking about a five-year/$100-$125 million dollar contract. I will have more on this if the signing happens tonight.