Red Sox’ Eduardo Rodriguez Finishes With Worst Record in Inaugural ‘MLB the Show’ Players League Season

The inaugural ‘MLB The Show Players League’ season might not conclude until Wednesday night, but Red Sox left-hander Eduardo Rodriguez has already secured the league’s worst record.

Having already “played” all 29 other players representing their respective clubs, the 27-year-old finishes the year with an unsightly 2-27 mark.

I put “played” in quotes because, in all honesty, it appears that Rodriguez gave up about halfway through the season.

Take this excerpt from’s Juan Toribio weekly league power rankings column from last Friday:

“Where’s E-Rod” was the popular question today as the Red Sox starter has apparently given up. After watching his first 10 games, we can’t really blame him. We’ll miss the Eduardo Rodriguez background on his stream, though.

The background in question:

Rodriguez’s lone pair of victories came against the Angels’ Ty Buttrey and the Pirates’ Cole Tucker. Other than that, pain.

Still, just by participating, the Venezuela native essentially raised $5,000 for a local Boys & Girls club in the Boston area courtesy of Major League Baseball, the MLBPA, and Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Rodriguez has been fairly active on Twitch over these past few weeks, mostly playing Fortnite with Xander Bogaerts. You can follow Rodriguez on the popular streaming platform here.

As for where things stand with the remainder of the ‘MLB The Show Players League’ season, there are two more games remaining, one between the Astros’ Lance McCullers and the Yankees’ Tommy Kahnle, and the other between the White Sox’ Lucas Giolito and the Reds’ Amir Garrett.

Both of those contests will take place at 10 PM eastern time on Wednesday on ESPN2, while the playoffs are slated to kick off this coming Friday.

Author: Brendan Campbell

Blogging about the Boston Red Sox since April '17. Also support Tottenham Hotspur.

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