New Podding the Red Sox episode: Red Sox co-director of international scouting Todd Claus joins the show

On this week’s installment of Podding the Red Sox: A Podcast, I am joined by Red Sox co-director of international scouting Todd Claus.

Among the topics Todd and I discussed are his playing career in the Angels organization, transitioning from a minor-league player to a minor-league manager, managing the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Hanley Ramirez, and Jacoby Ellsbury in the minors, how he first started scouting for the Red Sox and how the technology involved with scouting has evolved over the years, and the obstacles the COVID-19 pandemic have created when it comes to scouting.

We also went over some of the Red Sox prospects Claus has helped the Red Sox sign over the years, such as Juan Daniel Encarnacion, Joan Martinez, and Ceddane Rafaela. Additionally, we talked about the possibility of an international draft being implemented in the near future and looked ahead a bit to this year’s international signing period.

The episode — which is the first of 2022 — is available to listen to on iTunes and Spotify, among other platforms.

My thanks to Todd for taking some time out of his busy off-season schedule to have a conversation with yours truly.

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(Picture of Fenway Park: Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)