Ranks #RedSox Lineup as Fourth Best in Baseball to Start the Season.

So I stumbled across this article while browsing MLB’s website today and I have to say, it caught my interest. Anthony Castrovince is good at what he does. While ranking the top ten lineups in baseball to start the 2018 season, he listed the Red Sox as fourth best. Ahead of them were the Astros, Yankees, and Nationals, and right behind them were the Indians, Cubs, and Dodgers. Out of the ten teams that make the postseason this season, I’m going to go ahead and say seven of those spots will be occupied by the teams I just listed. For the Red Sox, that’s good, but expected company to be in. As a team that usually flourishes in scoring runs, last season was a bit of an oddity. They still finished tenth in runs scored, but the offensive production seemed to have disappeared at times throughout various times over the season.

In the article I referenced, this is the projected lineup Castrovince uses:

1. Mookie Betts, RF
2. Andrew Benintendi, LF
3. Hanley Ramirez, 1B
4. J.D. Martinez, DH
5. Xander Bogaerts, SS
6. Rafael Devers, 3B
7. Eduardo Nunez, 2B
8. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
9. Christian Vazquez, C

Not a bad lineup, not better than the Astros or Yankees, but still a solid lineup that should produce more than the 2017 version did. The addition of JD Martinez, to go along with a full season of Rafael Devers and Eduardo Nunez, should help as well. Moving up from 27th in home runs should be a goal for this team. A reasonable expectation, for me, would be to get into the top half of the league in total home runs.

Last point, it makes sense that the Red Sox are listed third among American League teams on this list. Behind the Astros and Indians, I feel confident saying the Red Sox are the third best team in the AL. The Yankees are close to them, but after winning the past two division titles, I have to give that spot to the Red Sox.


Author: Brendan Campbell

Blogging about the Boston Red Sox since April '17. Also support Tottenham Hotspur.

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